You Can Raise Awareness About SMA During SMA Awareness Month!

Awareness about SMA; It is seen that the incidence of the disease decreases as the level of the disease increases, and the quality of life of the patients increases with the right treatment and care. For this reason, many activities are carried out around the world to raise awareness about SMA, which is a preventable disease that affects thousands of people every year around the world. /p>

In this context; As the Turkey SMA Foundation, we carry out awareness activities in August every year to draw attention to SMA disease. Our aim is to minimize the prejudices about SMA disease in the society and the public, while drawing attention to the preventability of the disease and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment with carrier screening.

The cooperation and support of all our stakeholders is extremely valuable in the fight against SMA disease. If you would like to support our awareness activities, you can contact us.