SMA is a progressive and inherited muscle disease. As a result of the effect of anterior horn motor neuron cells in the spinal cord, which controls the muscle movements of our body, weakness, nutritional and respiratory problems occur. In the following periods, varying degrees of limitation of joint movements (contractures), spinal deformities (scoliosis), nutrition and respiratory problems may be seen.

Weakness and muscle wasting occur in voluntary muscle movements. Vision, hearing and cognitive functions are not affected.

There are different types according to the age of onset and the motor development stage gained.

The incidence of SMA is 1 in 6,000-10,000 newborn babies.

Although the natural course of the disease has changed with treatment options in recent years, all studies show that patients who are diagnosed and followed up at the time of onset of symptoms should be followed up under long-term treatment, the response to treatment shows individual differences, and SMA is a severe disease involving systems other than motor neurons. pointing out.