• It is to ensure the active participation of individuals with SMA in our country in social life, to carry out activities that support the activities to be carried out by considering the benefit of patients and their families.



  • To carry out studies to improve legislation and policies regarding individuals with SMA through advocacy activities, 
  • Following the implementation of new treatment methods in our country by following the developments in the world,
  • Individuals with SMA and their families are needed; to offer free, accessible opportunities in every field they hear,
  • To carry out purposeful cooperation and studies with public institutions-organizations and the private sector,
  • Contributing to a society profile consisting of conscious individuals, away from prejudices, through studies that will inform and raise awareness of the society about SMA disease,
  • SMA's focus is to support and improve health and education services across the country.



  • Patient Focus: By focusing on individuals with SMA, we work to raise the standards they have in every aspect of life.
  • Transparency and Accountability: With our donations and all other stakeholders; We share the content and process of the activities carried out, how the donations and the budget are used in a clear, clear and understandable way in accordance with the legislation.
  • Equality: While we carry out our work with the awareness that differences are a social wealth; We do not discriminate based on language, religion, race, philosophical belief, political opinion, gender and similar reasons.
  • Rights-Based Work: We address problems with a holistic approach and work to solve the problems in SMA patients' access to their basic rights.
  • Scientific: &Cedil;We follow contemporary and scientific information and follow innovations. The basis of our activities is based on scientific knowledge and approaches.
  • Cooperation: We prioritize teamwork, solidarity and bonding between different groups in all our activities, and we care about working together.