Data Controller

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (KVKK), “Turkey SMA Foundation” by “” Some of your personal data are processed through the website. Article 10 of the KVKK and the Communiqué on the Procedures and Principles to be Followed in Fulfilling the Obligation of Lighting. The Clarification Text prepared in accordance with the law has been submitted to the information of the relevant persons.


  • Member or volunteer on our website There is no input panel. Online donation options are available through our website. There are lighting texts prepared separately for members, volunteers and donors on our website. Interested persons can review these lighting texts.
  • It is possible to contact our foundation via the contact form on our website. name, surname, phone number, e-mail address data of people who fill out this contact form are processed. These data are processed for the following purposes:
  1. a) Carrying out the activities of the Foundation,
  2. b) Follow-up of requests and complaints
  3. c) Carrying out communication activities,
  • Some information regarding the transaction security of the people who visit the website is also processed. The IP address information and website traffic information of the people who visit our website are processed. These data are processed for the following purposes:
  1. a) Execution of management activities,
  2. b) Execution of information security processes,
  3. c) Carrying out the activities in accordance with the legislation,

ç) Providing information to authorized persons, institutions and organizations,

  • Cookie information of users visiting the website is also processed. You can find detailed information about our cookie policy in the text under the relevant tab on the website.


These personal data are subject to the 2nd paragraph of Article 5 of the Law No. 6698;

  • (a) (clear disclosure in laws),
  • (c) clause (requires the processing of personal data of the parties to the contract, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract);
  • (ç) (obligatory for the data controller to fulfill his legal obligation),
  • (f) clause (data processing is mandatory for the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject)

It is processed based on legal reasons.


This personal data is processed automatically through the website based on the legal reasons stated above.


All these personal data are collected from the relevant public institutions, the Association for the Fight Against SMA Disease, one of the founders of our foundation and operating for the same purpose, the foundation's lawyers, financial advisors and independent auditors. ;advanced and upon request, except for judicial authorities and authorized public institutions Third; It is not shared with people. None of the said personal data is transferred abroad.


The law that "regulates the rights of the person concerned" Regarding himself/herself by applying to the data controller within the scope of Article 11;

  1. a) Learning whether personal data is processed or not,
  2. b) If personal data has been processed, requesting information about it,
  3. c) To learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used in accordance with its purpose,

ç) Third, to which personal data is transferred in Turkey or abroad; know people,

  1. d) Requesting correction of personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,
  2. e) Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data in accordance with the conditions specified in Article 7 of the Law,
  3. f), the transactions made pursuant to subparagraphs (d) and (e) are the third; requesting people to be notified,
  4. g) Objecting to the emergence of a result against you by analyzing the processed personal data exclusively through automated systems,

ğ) To request the compensation of the damage in case of loss due to the unlawful processing of personal data,

She has the rights.

“According to the Communiqué on the Procedures and Principles of Application to the Data Controller”;

  • Relevant persons must forward these requests in Turkish.
  • Requests must be submitted in writing or by using the e-mail address previously notified to the data controller by the data controller and registered in the data controller's system.
  • Applications must contain the mandatory elements listed in paragraph 2 of Article 5 of the aforementioned communiqué. Otherwise, the applications will not be evaluated.


Address for Written Application    : Batikent Mah. Geven Sok. No: 5/B Tepebaşı/ Eskisehir

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