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As the Fight for the SMA Disease Association, we believe that donation is a voluntary act and giving and sharing improve our quality of life. We stand behind and support the donor rights since we attach importance to ensuring that NGOs and their projects gain public trust and respect, and that donors and potential donors make safe and smart donations. We accept that all donors have the following rights.

1.To be informed about the mission and vision of the NGO, about how the donation is going to be used and about the capacity and intention to use it efficiently for donation purposes,

2.To obtain information about the board of directors and executives, and to expect the executives to perform their duties prudently and wisely,

3.To access to current financial information,

4.To request a guarantee that the donation will be properly used for its purpose,

5.To receive appropriate and timely acknowledgement,

6.To request the confidentiality of donations in accordance with the law,

7.To demand that all employees representing the organization have professional relationships with them,

  1. To be informed whether he/she who seeks a donation is a volunteer, an employee of the organization or a solicitor hired only for this job,
  2. To request deletion of contact information from lists if shared with someone else,
  3. To ask questions when donating, to get immediate, correct and clear answers.
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