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In Antalya, tests of the baby with muscle disease who caught a new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) turned negative with the treatment applied.

A 17-month-old baby with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) who was taken to Akdeniz University Hospital due to some complaints, was diagnosed with Covid-19 with the test.

Everyone was happy when the results of two different tests applied to the baby, who was taken into intensive care and treated with the treatments recommended by the Ministry of Health, were negative.

In a statement made to an AA correspondent, Akdeniz University Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Bulent Aydinli said that a 17-month-old baby is one of the smallest patients encountered Kovid-19 in Turkey.

Follow-up at the clinic will continue

Stating that the baby was followed up in intensive care after the detection of Kovid-19, Aydınlı emphasized that drug therapy was also applied.

Stating that the applied treatment makes him happy and  the last two tests are negative, Aydınlı said, "Now the intensive care process is about to end. He will also be followed up in the clinic, but there are other very serious problems, serious muscle disease. He's already troubled to breathe. He is a patient with lung problems. "

Mentioning that the baby can breathe easily with the home-type machine with the procedure performed on the throat, Aydınlı reported that the Kovid-19 test made to the mother, was negative.

Age group of survivors is changing

Provincial Health Director Ünal Hulur stated that there are 25 pandemic hospitals in the city and that they allocated around 2,500 beds to the pandemic in the first place.

Pointing out that healthcare professionals work with devotion, Hülür said, "We had a patient who beat the virus at the age of 83, and a patient at the age of 3 who beat it and we discharged. The virus was found in a 17-month-old baby in our university hospital, but the child has secondary diseases. "