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Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, announced that the existing reports will be valid until a second announcement, so that disabled people who benefit from home care assistance and disability pensions do not experience victimization if the reporting period expires. 


Stressing that in the scope of the measures taken against the new type of coronavirus which also affects Turkey, precautions are hold to ensure citizens to stay away from crowded places as possible, Seçuk said,  “Those who benefit from home care assistance and disabled pensions have to renew their Disabled Health Board reports periodically. We previously announced that we postponed the obligation to renew the reports until the beginning of June in order to prevent our disabled people from being victimized due to expired reports.


We decided that our disabled people whose report expired on and after 01.01.2020 should not be directed to hospitals in order to renew the report until a second announcement and that the services should be continued with their current reports."


In Turkey, 521 thousand disabled people benefit from home care help, also 720 thousand people benefit from the disabilities pension.


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