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We are happy to be among the new non-governmental organizations that will pursue goodness.

Despite the many unpleasantness we are dragged in with the whole world t the same time, we know that one day everything will return to normal and we will continue to pursue good again.

Although not physical, virtual races await us in the upcoming period. So keep getting stronger, getting rich hand in hand.

Following the 2-phase process that ended on the night of June 22, the new NGOs that joined Step by Step are now below, and you can see it in ipk.adimadim.orgsoon.

Ankara Beysukent Rotary Club AssociationHave a Hand In AssociationBlue-eyed Boy Association - Premature BabyShare My Dreamİzmir Sick Children Houses AssociationAt Hear AssociationKİFDER (Cystic Fibrosis Association)Sharing Social Good Campaigns Association - PatiKa DerPi Women's Cancer Association - Pink TracesGuide Dogs AssociationSMA Disease Fight Association - SMA-DERTurkish Education AssociationTurkish Cancer AssociationWe are with you AssociationYGA - Dream Partners - Young Guru AcademyI'm Happy With My Face AssociationSaadet Teacher Association for Combating Child Abuse - UCİM

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