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The winners of the painting contest on "Living with SMA Disease", which we organized with the approval of the Ministry of National Education, have been announced.

Thank you to our valuable participants. 

Among the works submitted for the painting contest on SMA Disease, the ones that were eligible for the participation conditions were evaluated by the jury consisting of Yurdagül IŞIL, Evren YILMAZ, Kadir İSTİFÇİ, Ahmet AVCI, Seran TEPEOĞLU, Ece SOYER DEMİR and Mehmet DEMİR.Those who were placed in the painting competition in which 290 works participated, with the evaluation of the jury;


  1. Eslem Ece ÖZTÜRK-Uşak Science and Art Center-Uşak
  2. Elvin YAZICI- 9 March Primary School-Rize
  3. Elif SEVER-Lieutenant Colonel Mehmet Yaşar Gülle Primary School-Eskişehir
  4. Bekir Balkan ALBAY- National Education Foundation Rainbow Primary School- Ankara (Jury Special Award)



  1. Sura YASA-Rota College-Izmir 
  2. Alara VURAL- Oğuzhan Secondary School-İzmir
  3. Ela YÜCEL- Bulancak İstiklal Secondary School- Giresun



  1. Nihan BAYRAM- Çağfen Anatolian High School-Eskişehir
  2. Furkan YILMAZ-Eşrefpaşa Anatolian High School- İzmir
  3. Banu ÇİÇEK-Tevfik Sırrı gür Anatolian High School- Mersin


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