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SMA Disease Fight Association Vice President Ece Soyer Demir stated from the Ministry of Health and Social Security Institution that SMA should be included in the screening tests before marriage or pregnancy. Emphasizing the importance of Demir genetic screening tests to those whose son also suffers from SMA. Demir said, "SMA is seen in cases where both mother and father are carriers. I and my wife are carriers of SMA disease, but we did not know that we were carriers until we had a child." he spoke. Noting that it is not possible to know SMA carriage if not tested specifically, Demir said: "If the SMA test is also performed during the marriage process, the parents will know whether they are carriers. Thus, with the Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) method, which is a method similar to in vitro fertilization, a healthy Consanguineous marriages increase the risk of SMA even more, but this is not the only cause of the disease. For example, my wife and I are not related but we have a sick child. Having healthy children does not mean that they are not in the risk group. There are people who may be ill. Our expectation and request from the state in this regard is that the SMA screening test is performed before marriage or pregnancy, and families are informed if they have carriers and they are directed to the PGD method. "


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