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Endless thanks to the 'Miracle Doctor' series team, who contacted our Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ece Soyer Demir, and pointed out the 'SMA Carrier Screening', which is one of the issues we insist on.

“As a mother of a child with SMA, whenever I put food in my child's baby food bag, I wonder what he would like to eat if he could eat. I have been a mother for 4 years without hearing my child say mother. I watch the toys that have not been broken, worn or scattered for 4 years standing on the shelf. I remove the shoes that shrink without getting old or dirty. If she had friends, I wonder if she would be compatible or jealous. We want the "SMA carriage test to be included in the pre-marriage or pre-pregnancy screening program" so that no other mother will experience these. It is possible to present a healthy life to children and sunny days to mothers with a tube of blood taken from parent candidates. "