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Participating in the meeting of TBMM Rare Diseases Research Commission on 09.10.2019, HRS Ankara Women's Hospital Medical Genetics Specialist Prof. Dr. Necat İMİRZALIOĞLU, in his speech, for the prevention of SMA disease; he emphasized that the spouses should definitely have a gene scan before marriage. 

In order to raise awareness in the society, SMA Carrier screening will be carried out free of charge for couples who apply to HRS Women's Hospital until 1 January 2020; Free genetic counseling will be given to couples whose carrier is detected. 

You can apply directly to the hospital or send a cargo to the hospital address with a purple EDTA blood sample and other necessary documents to have a carrier screening.


Required Documents

  1. Copy of Identity Card for Couples
  2. Patient Information-Consent Form