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The relevant article of the Notification on Health Practice, which allows SMA Type 2-3 patients to have access to the drug Spinraza, has been changed.


ARTICLE 1- In the Article 4.2.49.B of the Social Security Institution Health Implementation Notification published in the Official Gazette dated 24/3/2013 and numbered 28597,the following arrangements have been made.

  1. a) The second paragraph has been changed as follows.

“(2) The posology of“ Nusinersen Sodium ”is 4 loading doses on the 0th, 14th, 28th and 63rd days in SMA Type-2 or SMA Type-3 patients. Maintenance doses are also administered every 4 months. The costs are covered by the Institution in the event of that it is prescribed separately for each application by a pediatric neurology /neurology specialist with the "Drug Use Confirmation" that will be given by "Ministry of Health- Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency Evaluation Commission for the Use of Drugs For Personal Treatment" based on the single health board report for the first 4 doses and separate health report for each application in maintenance treatment.

  1. b) The fourth paragraph has been repealed.

ARTICLE 2 - The price of the drug named SPINRAZA 12 MG / 5 ML 1 VIAL with barcode number "1111111101517" in the "Overseas Drug Price List (ANNEX-4 / C)" attached to the same Notification has been changed as follows.

ARTICLE 3 -This Notification shall be effective on the date of publication.

ARTICLE 4 - The provisions of this Notification are executed by the President of the Social Security Institution.


Click here to access the page of the amendment in the Official Gazette.

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